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Achievements and Highlights 2022

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Online platforms and features that we released throughout the year

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Who we reached and where


Users on
Number of views to pages on AtmaGo

Gender and Age

58.53% of our users are Female

41.46% are male

35.1% of our users are 45 - 54

  • 33.45% Aged 35 - 44

  • 31.44% Aged 25 - 34


71.44% users are in San Juan

7.44% are in Bayamon

7.44% are in Arecibo

15.87% are in other cities across Puerto Rico


AtmaGo Community Space is a feature that we released in June 2021 in order to support discussions and developments in communities

The Impacts That Communities on AtmaGo are Having

Notable Communities of 2022

Most Active Community
Most Followed Community


How we've helped communities throughout the year


6,852 Job Openings shared in AtmaGo Indonesia and Puerto Rico.

2,199,126 People saw Job Openings information on AtmaGo Indonesia and Puerto Rico.

Number of Covid-19 Posts on AtmaGo Indonesia and Puerto Rico
Views of Covid-19 Posts on AtmaGo Indonesia and Puerto Rico
of people plan to apply Citizen Journalism concepts to share their impact
of participants said information on AtmaGo motivates them to take part in community mutual support activities
of participants would use AtmaGo to showcase their community work
of participants trust the information in AtmaGo
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