Tips to ace your studies during the Covid-19 pandemic

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1. Avoid distractions
Excessive use of mobile phones and laptops can create distraction. Fix a time to study and be focused.
When you are done, fix a time to refresh yourself by listening to music, taking a nap or anything that you like.

2. Communicate to others at home that will be studying
It is so important to let your family members know that you are studying to avoid unnecessary disturbance.

3. Focus
There is no point of studying when you are not focussed. During your chosen time, stay dedicated and focussed. If you go over your decided study time, great! That means your hyper-focus helped you to study hard and prepare even more than you had planned. When feeling bored or unfocussed, you can take short breaks, stretch yourself, have some snacks and get back to study.

4. Reward yourself
When you study hard, don’t forget to reward yourself. Studying in these times, when the whole world is going through a pandemic might be very difficult. Don’t forget to reward yourself for doing so by eating your favourite desert, watching your favourite web series or just sleeping, whatever you like to do.

#Give a rewards to your self

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